Braelynn playing outside at Small Wonders


At Small Wonders, we provide age-appropriate material for everyone. Whether we're watching your newborn baby or your kindergarden know-it-all, your child will be in good hands with effective programs specific to their age.


We want your infant to feel at home even while they are away from you! We will follow each child's individual schedule so the transition from home to daycare and back is a smooth one.

Once they are starting to hold their head up we will have tummy time throughout the day. We will also work on sitting up and rolling as they progress. A lot of time on the floor to explore their surroundings and gain the confidence they need to master these early skills.


The toddler group will be working on early pre-school skills. A short circle time will start the day with the introduction of some basic shapes and the primary colors, a short story to go with the weekly theme, and a short activity. These will be based on the child's age and attention span because they won't learn if they aren't interested.

Your child will also be introduced to different art media along with some simple math and science activities, letting them explore new and different things at their own pace.


The pre-school program will be an extension of the toddler program. Doing extension activities to bring circle time to the next level for them.

This program will start with number and letter recognition as well as some pre-writing skills. The the skill level for art will be increased a little to having two and three step directions. We will also begin using scissors, so that skill may be added as an art step later on. We will be working on using the potty and other self help skills like getting dressed, cleaning up, and getting shoes and socks on and off without help.

The most important thing we want is for your child to have independence and feel confident in everything that they do.


These children will be gaining more confidence in writing as well as in their letter and number recognition. They will be ready to enter into Kindergarten and have the confidence that they need to be successful.

I will work individually to make sure they know their letters and numbers and that they are learning to write the correct way.

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